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Business Travel Still On Track
Low-cost carriers have, no doubt, spread their wings far and wide. But when it comes to short distance travel, it is the Indian Railways that still holds sway for the business traveller, especially after the Railway Budget 2006-07. Reema Sisodia finds out why.

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AFL launches India's first retail chain
New Search Engine For Best Travel Deals
Jet To Introduce Online System For Tracing Missing Baggage
Aircraft Fractional Ownership By Club One Air
‘Shubh Yatra’ For Frequent Train Travellers
Emirates to fly to Bangalore from October ’06
Etihad Connects Abu Dhabi To Manchester, Muscat
New Air Deccan Flights
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Where There's A Rail There’s A Way

City of Angels
It is where the tuk tuks run parallel to the sky trains and tiny food joints are as popular as Burger King. Experiencing Bangkok's confluence of traditional and the contemporary, Hazel Jain comes away mesmerised.

Spot Light Roving Eye

Give Some,Take Some
'Give some, take some' has been the new motto of the Centre - a stance that has been clearly vindicated through both the recent and last year's Union Budget. Savio Rodrigues takes a look at the new changes on fringe benefit tax and service tax, and its impact on business travel.

Peaceful Pondy
From the deep surreal blue of Bay of Bengal to Indians whipping up tasty steak grille or gratin de legumes faster than tandoori chicken, the myriad facets of Pondicherry intrigue Preeti Kannan

Hotel Watch Exotic Retreat

Serving Astute Travellers
In Accordance With Luxury And Comfort

Chamonix: Alpine paradise
This alpine resort surrounded by mist and mountains, offers a soul-embalming experience where one can bond with nature, say Gustasp and Jeroo Irani

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A walk on the Sea bed
Not as exciting as walking on the moon, but it comes close. Bhavika Jhaveri takes you through a underwater excursion on the virgin Baina beach in Goa

Stress on the Happiness Factor
In current times, stress is synonymous with hectic work schedules and an even more hectic lifestyle. Bibhas Chatterjee gets to the heart of the matter and meditates on the ways we can deal with this new age phenomenon

MICE Showcase Wild Side

Calendar Of Major Trade Shows in May’06

A walk in the wilderness
The most famous resident of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, the wild elephant, remained elusive to Achal Dhruva but his forays on foot in the outskirts of the reserve were much more rewarding

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Moon in Chandni Chowk
‘Copper Palmed’ in Colombo

A Blend Of Genius, Power & Magic
Running a delicate framework of an organisation, that of human resource is not a cakewalk - it takes a rare knack, zeal, acuteness and loads of patience to tackle this fickle area. Hari Thalapalli, senior VP (HR) at Satyam Computer Services Limited is loaded with all and more, finds Vyas Sivanand

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Bold, and Beautiful
The metro-sexual man is as interested in his appearance as his female counterpart. In this race of being groomed, the bold is slowly morphing into the beautiful as well. Priya Krishnaswamy reports

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